Parkend Primary School


Physical Education develops children’s knowledge, skills and understanding so that they can perform a range of physical activities with competence and confidence. It promotes in children an understanding of their bodies in action and involves thinking, selecting and applying necessary skills. At Parkend, we encourage positive attitudes towards physical activity and its benefits as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Through the school drivers, we teach belonging, building me, creativity, active adventure, and communication. The curriculum is explicitly aimed at improving all aspects of Physical Fitness, especially co-ordination and cardiovascular endurance, with the intention that skills gained in PE lessons will have an impact across the whole school.


Our extensive grounds offer very active playtimes and we also take part in the Daily Mile. 

We ensure that we take every opportunity to take part in the activities offered by the School/Forest Games.  They offer a series of sporting and other activities to keep Forest of Dean students and pupils fit and healthy and ready them for competition. They are currently targeting students who may not be that confident and engaged in sporting activities and will offer various fun activities to engage all students and pupils. 

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