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At Parkend, our children will have a deep understanding of computer science, and develop the information technology skills to be effective communicators.  In doing so, our children will be fully prepared for their next stage of education and equipped with these skills and knowledge for the rest of their lives.  Computing is an increasingly significant part of both professional and personal daily life and we believe that our children should be at the forefront of new technology, with a thirst for digital learning.  We will deliver a curriculum that:

  • Systematically develops an understanding of programming, including algorithms.            
  • Teaches children how computer systems, devices and the internet works.
  • Ensures a sequential and structured focus on all important aspects of online safety.
  • Develops the word processing skills needed for easy access to all aspects of secondary education.
  • Provides broad and deep experiences of a range of software applications and applies them across the curriculum.

This begins in early years, where children become familiar with basic controls on digital devices, for example taking photographs with a digital camera. In Key Stage 1, children are practically introduced to the fundamentals of algorithms, take a first journey through the world of IT and begin to develop the skills to use MS Word.  Themes are broadened and developed throughout Key Stage 2.   The four essential programming strands of sequencing, repetition, selection and variables are developed so that children can design and debug their own programs.  Children also learn about computer networks, as well as broadening their mastery of common computer applications, to ensure readiness for secondary school.

We ensure that this learning is undertaken in unison with a systematic development of all aspects of online safety because at Parkend we want to ensure that our children are fully equipped to negotiate the ever-changing digital world, both safely and responsibly.  Here, we focus on themes such as privacy, online bullying and healthy relationships, developing and revisiting important aspects of online safety throughout the years.


Useful websites for parents and carers           

Safer Internet

Think U Know Website               

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